Visikol, Inc

Visikol, Inc., is focused on accelerating drug discovery through the 3D digitization of biological tissues and mining these large data sets for actionable insights. The company has developed the first tissue clearing technology specifically designed for 3D cultures called Visikol® HISTO-M™

Visikol has leveraged this technology to launch 3Screen™ which is a high-throughput 3-D imaging platform capable of transforming tissues into 3D data sets and answering complex biological questions. The company currently offers 3Screen™ as a service to pharmaceutical/biotech companies in the areas of in vitro screening, whole mount imaging and digital pathology and is continually focused on improving the platform as well as building out a suite of standardized assays. In addition to this service offering, Visikol also sells various tissue clearing reagents and kits for academic researchers that are interested in adopting the approach into their own workflows.

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