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Good™ efficiently and effectively alleviated all the issues associated with automated pipetting, and provided users standardized and reliable solutions by experts that have been teaching Good Liquid Handling™ for well over 20 years.

Our products, services, and training help you produce proven scientific and statistically significant results with Good Pipetting™ and Good Liquid Handling™ practices. LLC has a management team of thought leaders that have over 20 years of experience working along side users and vendors to create Good Liquid Handling™ medically manufactured kits to address quality control (QC) and performance of automated pipetting systems that enable users to produce good tracked results quickly, repeatedly, and reproducibly.

Good Liquid Handling™(GLH) kits provide users with liquid classes, methods, & recommendations for automated pipetting. The GLH™ QC kit, helps achieve high performing results. GLH Tracker™ helps you track results

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