Biomiga, Inc

Featured products:

- Virus Purification Kits (Adeno virus, Adeno associate virus, Retrovirus and Lentivirus).

- PCR related reagents: Express high fidelity DNA polymerase, hotStart DNA polymerase, 2xtaq mix, 2x Hi Fi PCR mix, 2x SBGR qPCR mix, cDNA synthesis, one step RT-PCR and many others.

- High-through-put DNA/RNA Purification Kits (Membrane and Magnetic beads): DNA size selection beads, plasmid DNA purification, RNA purification, sequencing dye removal beads.

Featured contract services:

- From gene to virus: gene synthesis, cloning, mutagenesis, plasmid purification, virus production
and validation.

- Next generation sequencing: RNAseq, WES, WGS, and targeted sequencing.

- CRIPSR, sgRNA design, gene knockdown validation, stable cell line generation and single cell cloning.

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