HEIDENHAIN Corporation

HEIDENHAIN Corporation is the North American subsidiary of the German company DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. This superior technology is utilized within high precision motion control and machining systems worldwide. With over 100 years in the precision measurement industry, HEIDENHAIN is committed to providing customers with the products they need to meet the continually increasing demands for accuracy, precision, speed and cost savings. The product lines include linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, length gauges digital readouts (DROs), numerical controls (TNCs), and touch probes for demanding positioning tasks. Primary industries served are metalworking, machine tool, semiconductor and electronics, motor/drive, general automation, and medical, but can be of service anywhere highly dependable precision measurement and machine control is needed.

333 E State Pkwy
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 490-1191

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