INHECO is a leading manufacturer of innovative & high precision thermal management products for Lab Automation and Medical Lab Applications.
Our standard and OEM solutions include temperature controlled shakers, heated/cooled positions, thermal cyclers, incubators & verification tools. Our product “ODTC®” is the world’s first truly dedicated On Deck Thermal Cycler, ultra compact with unrivaled performance.
The ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT is a perfectly matching verification tool for the ODTC®. Benefit from an automated test routine with easy setup and step by step guidance.
The latest INHECO product is the Thermoshake AC. Benefit from a higher shaking performance and an automated labware clamping mechanism to facilitate the use of different disposable formats.
This brand new heated and cooled shaker is regarded as the “swiss knife” of instruments used on robotic workstations.
It will be introduced at SLAS 2018.

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Martinsried, D-82152  Germany
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