Phenix Research

Phenix Research Products, a Thomas Scientific company, is a national supplier to the biomedical research market with 700,000 products within the four main categories of Consumables - Equipment, Instruments and Furniture - Chemicals, and Safety Products. Our core competency and focus is to provide value added solutions to life science researchers in University, Biotech and Government settings. We offer outstanding customer service 8:00am-5:30pm EST and a nationwide direct technical sales force.

73 Ridgeway Rd
Candler, NC 28715
(828) 418-1060

AutomationBarcode ReadersBiochemicalsCell Biology SuppliesCell CultureCell Culture Apparatus/SuppliesChemical Synthesis ReagentsChromatographyClinical AutomationDrug DiscoveryElectrophoreses Equipment/SuppliesEnclosures and HoodsFiltration Equipment & SuppliesFlouresence Equipment & SuppliesGeneral Laboratory Equipment & SuppliesGeneticsGenomicsHomogenizersHTS ProductsHybridization Equipment, ReagentsImaging SystemsIncubators & OvensLabelingLiquid Handling EquipmentLuminometersMicroplate DispensersMicroplate HandlersMicroplate ReadersMicroplate SealersMicroplate WashersMolecular Biology ReagentsPipettors/Pipe TipsPlasticwareReagentsSample ManagementSample PrepTemperature ControlVials - GlassVials - Plastic