Bigneat North America, LLC

LABORATORY AUTOMATION ENCLOSURES – improve your process reliability.

About Bigneat enclosures & hoods:

• We offer a broad range of standard, and custom built enclosures & hoods (designed specifically for your automation equipment)
• Our products are designed to be modular, and compact in size
• We offer excellent easy-reach accessibility (offering a variety of door and access styles) with system running (when class of enclosure allows), and for loading and maintenance
• We provide a highly efficient installation and after-sales service support

Visit us to learn more about;

• Biological/bio-hazard for process protection and/or operator protection
• Clean air enclosures for process protection or operator protection
• Controlled environment enclosures - controlled temperature, humidity with clean air and/or aerobic, hypoxic or anaerobic atmospheres
• Compound Library controlled atmosphere storage
• Modular clean rooms.

Bigneat North America, LLC is a subsidiary of:

Bigneat Ltd
4/5 Pipers Wood Industrial Park
Waterberry Drive
Waterlooville, PO7 7XU  United Kingdom
(844) 579-4796

Enclosures and Hoods