Ncardia is based in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and in the USA. The company is privately held and established following the merger of Pluriomics and Axiogenesis.
Ncardia ( believes that stem cell technology will help to get better medicines to patients faster. The company develops, produces and commercializes highly predictive human cellular assay systems for safety and efficacy testing. The cardiac product portfolio encompasses a broad panel of hiPSC-derived cardiac (Pluricyte®, Cor.4U®, vCor.4U®) and neural (CNS.4U®, Peri.4U®, Astro.4U®) cell types. In addition, the company delivers the Cardioplateâ"¢ product line of quality controlled ready to use assay plates.
Furthermore, Ncardia develops and provides its customers with a broad portfolio of cardiovascular services from disease modeling to cardiovascular drug efficacy screening. Ncardia is committed to deliver its clients working assays solutions through in house assay development and extensive support.

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Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen 50829  Germany

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