Yamaha Motor Co, Ltd

Yamaha Motor will show the Cell Picking & Imaging System CELL HANDLER. CELL HANDLER enables automated one-by-one selection of single cells or multicellular 3D spheroids and transfers them to a microplate (e.g. 384-well), while simultaneously capturing and digitalizing images before picking and after transfer. Conventional manual methods have been hampered by low throughput and suboptimal accuracy. The CELL HANDLER is filling the gap for scale up in the expanding market for isolating and utilizing single cells or 3D multicellular spheroids, including iPS cells and tissue organoids. Yamaha Motor is also pursuing development of CELL HANDLER applications. It aims to significantly contribute to personalized medicine, primary cell research, cell therapies and the discovery of novel drugs and drug targets.

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Iwata, Shizuoka, 438-8501  Japan

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