Optimize Technologies, Inc

Optimize offers a complete line of LC accessories and instrument replacement parts for UHPLC, HPLC and LC/MS systems. Products include EXP® (UHPLC) Fittings, Filters, Traps and Guards, OPTI-MAX® Check Valves, OPTI-SEAL® Seals, Pistons, OPTI-GUARD® Guard Columns, OPTI-PAK® Traps, OPTI-SOLV® Filters, OPTI-LYNX™ Quick-Connect packed beds and OPTI-TRAPS™ for large molecules, peptides, online desalting and detergent removal. For 2018, Optimize will introduce additional EXP®2 products – the next generation of UHPLC accessories. All EXP and EXP2 products are rated to 20,000+ psi and feature hand-tight holders + EXP® Titanium Hybrid reusable ferrules.

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Oregon City, OR 97045
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