PUGML11 - Query Folding in Power BI

Wednesday, April 25
10:30 - 11:30
Liffey Meeting Room 4

Level: Basic
Presentation Type: Presentation

The Query Editor is possibly the most underutilised tool in Power BI Desktop. People are often more fascinated in the pretty visuals and dashboard reporting, rather than the data transformations that take place before any of this is even possible. The Query Editor enables us to carry out a vast array of data manipulations, but often at a cost. If the transformations are not structured and ordered properly, we can find ourselves watching them complete in what feels like an eternity. So, how can we speed up data transformations in Power BI and in turn, enhance the capabilities of the Query Editor? The answer is query folding. This technique takes the processing strain away from Power BI and the machine you are developing on, instead using the greater capabilities from where the data is sourced. The session will explain query folding in more detail, give examples of where/when it can be used and tips of how to get transformations to perform at their best.

Callum Green

Solutions Consultant

Solutions Consultant working at eBECS , passionate about improving the presentation layer architecture and finding new ways to exploit traditional warehouse structures. I have worked on many BI projects over a 9 year period, deviating from the typical Microsoft Stack and more into the Azure domain. In addition, I enjoy talking and blogging on subjects like Power BI, Power Query and the M programming language.


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Query Folding in Power BI

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