Career/Professional Development

Attitude & Behaviors: How Are You Perceived?

Sunday, June 10
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Location: 207

Every person carries within them thoughts, feelings, and emotions that influence the way we are perceived by others, and the way we behave. This interaction (perceptions of others and our behavior) is so very complex, and happens so quickly, that perceptions are not necessarily at a conscious level and therefore opinions about you can be formed before you even have a chance to make any corrections to your attitude or behavior. This is a serious consequence during the job search, and a consequence we want to do without. Dr. Blumenthal will teach you how to present yourself in your resume, on the interview, and subsequent follow ups, including the job offer. She will teach you what goes on behind the scenes regarding attitudes and behaviors so that you have more leverage on your side. The end result is a positive consequence increasing the likelihood of job interviews and a job offer.

Judy Blumenthal

Montgomery College
University of Maryland
Rockville, Maryland


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Attitude & Behaviors: How Are You Perceived?

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