Poster Topical Area: Dietary Bioactive Components

Location: Hall D

Poster Board Number: 330

P08-072 - Identification of the anti-inflammatory ingredients from Cirsium japonicum and the anti-inflammatory mechanism of luteolin-7-O-β-D-glucuronide

Monday, Jun 11
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Cirsium japonicum is listed as a health food in China used for cooling blood and hemostasis.
Objectives: The aim of this study was to identify its active components with anti-inflammation activity.

Methods: C. japonicum was extract with 70% ethanol, and then loaded on a macroporous resin column chromatography to get five fractions. And then separated through Silica gel column chromatography. For the anti-inflammation activity evaluation, LPS-induced RAW 264.7 cell was used to measure NO production, inflammation related mRNA and protein expression.

Results: Results show that fraction CJ-50 exhibited the best anti-inflammation effect. Six compounds, luteolin-7-O-β-D-glucuronide (LG), luteolin-7-O-β-D-glucuronide methyl ester, apigenin-7-O-β-D-glucuronide (AG), linarin, apigenin-7-O-β-D-glucuronide methyl ester, and pectolinarin, were isolated and identified from the fraction. The six flavonoid compounds exhibited different degree of anti-inflammatory activity, among which LG and AG showed stronger activity than others. Further research shows that LG can inhibit the NO and pro-inflammatory cytokines production, likely resulting from inhibiting the phosphorylation of JNK.

Conclusions: these results suggest that LG may be therapeutic candidate for anti-inflammation activity of C. japonicum as well as a dietary complement for health promotion

Funding Source:

This project was supported by Science and Technology Project of Guangzhou City (201604020150).

Effect of isolated compounds on cell viability and LPS-induced NO production in RAW 264.7 cells.

Effect of LG on LPS-induced pro-inflammatory cytokines production

Effect of LG on IL-6, TNF-α, COX-2 and iNOS mRNA expression

Effect of LG on COX-2 and p-JNK expression

CoAuthors: Jianguo Jiang – South China University of Technology

Qin Ma

Graduate student
South China University of Technology
Amherst, Massachusetts