Poster Topical Area: Methods and Protocols

Location: Hall D

Poster Board Number: 684

P15-023 - Developing Infographic Forecast Reports For Campuses Engaged in GetFruved using the eB4CAST Framework

Monday, Jun 11
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Objective: eB4CAST is a novel dissemination framework that allows visual representation to describe program implementation and dissemination. The objective is to describe the methods of creating infographic reports for colleges implementing the GetFruved program using the eB4CAST framework.

Field worker feedback on eB4CAST infographics from a previous study were compiled from experts in community dissemination and implementation research and applied as a starting point in the GetFruved study, using eB4CAST framework 22 higher education institutes engaging in the study intervention. Using the eB4CAST framework to capture, assemble, and sustain data, both direct (participant behavior) and indirect (publicly available community) data were gathered from each site. Indirect data included campus and city population, campus ethnicity and gender percent's, and number of campus food and recreation options. Direct data included student and administrators' readiness to change and top campus priorities, students' campus environmental perceptions, and campus reports for physical activity, fruit and vegetables, sleep and stress compared to national average. To create a visual representation of the data, three graphic design teams were recruited. Meetings were scheduled weekly from September to December to discuss progress, questions, concerns, and data visualization. Completed infographic reports from each team were completed in December of 2017. The three reports were compiled into one cohesive forecast report template which researchers used to customize for each site in January 2017.

Twenty-two infographic reports were created following the eB4CAST framework and disseminated to Get Fruved intervention sites. Field worker feedback reflecting pictoral data representation impact is underway. Data will assist in refinement of eB4CAST.

Utilizing multiple teams of graphic designers allowed for capturing best data visualization representation of the GetFruved data from each site. This study provides next steps for using eB4CAST as a tool to disseminate the impact of a community nutrition program. Successful use of the eB4CAST framework will allow researchers, community agents, and stakeholders to promote and disseminate programs at a higher level.

Funding Source:

USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Grant no. 2014-67001-21851- A2101 and West Virginia University Experimental Station Hatch WVA00627 and WVA00641.

CoAuthors: Makenzie Barr – West Virginia University; Rebecca Hagedorn – West Virginia University; Tanya Horacek – Syracuse University; Sarah Colby – University of Tennessee Knoxville; Karla Shelnutt – West Virginia University; Anne Mathews – University of Florida; Lisa Franzen-Castle – University of Nebraska Lincoln; Adrienne White – University of Maine; Geoff Greene – University of Rhode Island; Kendra Kattelmann – South Dakota State University; Carol Byrd-Bredbenner – Rutgers University; Tandalayo Kidd – Kansas State University; Onikia Brown – Auburn University; Jesse Morrell – University of New Hampshire; Terezie Mosby – Mississippi State University

Melissa D. Olfert

Associate Professor
West Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia