Poster Topical Area: Sports Nutrition

Location: Auditorium

Poster Board Number: 233

P25-002 - Food intake inadequacy in a predominant processed/manufactured diet of master mountain bikers

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The aim of study was to analize the food intake inadequacy in a predominant processed/manufactured diet of master mountain bikers. The food intake pattern of master mountain bikers was analyzed from 20 adult sport amateurs(41.6+_9.7 years) that spontaneously demanded to our clinic. Data from anthropometric(BIA) and food intake recall were analyzed descriptively (Am. Coll. Sports Med. 1998) and statistically (p<0.05). The bikers were 55% overweight, 70% higher fatness and 58% lower-muscle mass but none sarcopenic. Forty-five percent were smokers, 10% taking medical drugs and 80% ingesting some nutritional supplements. From a daily energy expenditure of 3,236+_717 kcal/day (51.4% REE), they referred intake of 29.4+_8.8kcal/kg BW/d. being considered 75% of the sample as lower than the recommended allowance. The inadequacy of(lower) CHO was 90%, protein 85%, total fiber 25%, calcium 75%, potassium 90% and long-chain fatty acids. The excess of food intake was found for lipids(35%) and sodium(50%). The found food intake pattern suggested a predominance of food-manufactured/processed diets as indicated by the higher ratios of CHO/Fiber(refined CHO), Na/K and PUFA/MUFA(conserved/natural food) and lower Ca/prot.(dairy intake). Thus, the found dietary pattern was a processed/industrialized(supplemented) diet probably impacting the bikers anthropometry and also their training performance and health.

Funding Source: Support CNPq

CoAuthors: Beatriz Cabrini – Botucatu Medical School; Roberto Burini – Botucatu Medical School

Caroline Bernadino

Botucatu Medicine School
Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil