Poster Topical Area: Nutrition Education and Behavioral Sciences

Location: Auditorium

Poster Board Number: 206

P18-038 - Exercise Performance Improvement and Anti-Fatigue Effect of Hot Water Extract of Koroso fish (Oreochromis niloticus)

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Exercise Performance Improvement and Anti-Fatigue Effect of Hot Water Extract of Koroso fish (Oreochromis niloticus).

Traditionally, the hot water extract of Koroso fish (Oreochromis niloticus) has been used as a nourishing tonic soup and as an aid for recovery from physical fatigue. In this study, we investigated the antifatigue effects and exercise performance endurance of mice orally administered with hot water extracts of Koroso fish. Accordingly, physical parameters including swimming endurance, forelimb grip strength, muscle density and body weight were assessed following oral administration of the extracts at a dose of 10 µL/g body weight (once per day for 7 days). After 7 days of oral administration, the blood chemistry of the mice was investigated. Mice given the Koroso fish extracts from Hawassa (HF), Bahir Dar (BF) and the positive control Octacosanol (OC) had significantly greater forelimb grip strength (130.07%, 133.93 %), (129.32%, 136.52%) and (136.6%, 155.4%) on day 3rd and 7th day respectively compared with zero day's performance. On similar days, HF, BF and OC fed mice had increased swimming endurance by (171.52%, 152.4%), (172.19%, 133.43%) and (177.4%, 144.8%) than 0 day's performance. Also, HF, BF and OC fed mice were found with increased forelimb and hindlimb muscle density by (131.5%, 137.5%), (135.9%, 134.8%) and (125.2%, 122.2%) than normal saline fed mice. After exercising, on the 7th day HF, BF and OC fed mice were found with higher blood glucose level by (161.34%, 168.54%, 136.74%), lactate dehydrogenase by (118.74%, 108.7%, 121.87%) and HDL by (154.77%, 142.79%, 179.92%) than the saline fed control mice respectively. In contrast, the levels of urea by (90.85%, 90.91%, 83.32%), creatine kinase by (79.21%, 74.69%, 13.1%), LDL by (96.41%, 71.6%, 93.1%) triglyceride by (68.26%, 66.2%, 59.37%) and total cholesterol (92.57%, 91.92%, 93.26%) were significantly lower than the saline group mice. These results suggest that hot water extract of Koroso fish can improve physical exercise performance and prevent fatigue caused by exhaustive physical workouts.

Key Words: Oreochromis niloticus, hot water extract, anti-fatigue, exercise performance

Funding Source: Myself

CoAuthors: Paulos Getachew – Addis Ababa University; Kaleab Baye – Addis Ababa University

Anley TEFERRA.. Kiddane

Pukyong National University, World Fisheries University
Busan, Pusan-jikhalsi, Republic of Korea