Poster Topical Area: Nutrition Education and Behavioral Sciences

Location: Auditorium

Poster Board Number: 185

P18-017 - Fixed Dietary Carotenoid Intake, Weight Loss, and Skin Carotenoid Level

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Background: Skin carotenoid level positively correlates with plasma total carotenoid concentrations and fruit and vegetable (FV) intake. However, as adipose tissue is a known carotenoid depot, it is not known whether the release of carotenoids into circulation as adipose tissue is catabolized during weight loss affects skin carotenoid level.

Objective: In this preliminary analysis, our aim was to determine the effect of moderate weight loss on skin carotenoid level while dietary carotenoid intake was held constant by controlled feeding.

Methods: Healthy overweight and obese women were provided with all foods for daily consumption at a level of 20% reduction of usual energy intake for a period of 8 weeks. The controlled diet consisted of a 5-day repeating menu providing 4.3 cup equivalents of FV and 23 mg of carotenoids per day. Diet History Questionnaire II was used to determine baseline carotenoid intake. Body weight and skin carotenoid level (assessed via pressure-mediated reflection spectroscopy (RS)) were measured at baseline and then weekly during the intervention. Body composition (assessed via dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) was measured at baseline and week 8.

Results: Data from the first 3 of 46 participants to be studied showed self-reported baseline carotenoid intake of 20 ± 6 mg per day. Body weight was 86 ± 7 kg at baseline and 83 ± 8 kg at week 8. Fat mass was 37 ± 6 kg at baseline and 36 ± 6 kg at week 8. RS intensity was 265 ± 45 at baseline and 398 ± 94 at week 8. A 62% increase in skin carotenoid level occurred in the participant with the lowest carotenoid intake at baseline while the participant whose baseline carotenoid intake was greater than the intervention diet (25mg) exhibited a 45% increase in skin carotenoid level.

Conclusions: These preliminary results suggest that changes in skin carotenoid level during weight loss may be a function of both carotenoids being released from adipose tissue and changes in FV intake. This study will provide initial evidence for the development of standardized guidance when correlating changes in skin carotenoid level to changes in FV intake during weight loss.

Funding Source:

Funded by the Agricultural Research Services of the United States Department of Agriculture #3062-51000-051-00D and the North Dakota Beef Commission.

CoAuthors: Lisa Jahns, PhD, RD – UDSA ARS; James Roemmich, PhD – USDA ARS; Shanon Casperson, PhD, DTR – USDA ARS

Angela De Leon

Research Nutritionist
USDA ARS Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center
Grand Forks, North Dakota