Poster Topical Area: Global Nutrition

Location: Hall D

Poster Board Number: 591

P12-098 - Development of a formative research protocol to investigate maternal and child nutrition across rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan and Bangladesh: The ENRICH project

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


The Enhancing Nutrition Services to Improve Maternal and Child Health (ENRICH) is a multi-year project to improve the health and nutrition of mothers and children in rural areas of Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Part of this project will promote ideal maternal and child feeding practices, bio-fortified and fortified foods specific to country, iron folic acid for pregnant women and multi-micronutrient powders for young children. Development of a behavior change intervention strategy based on formative research is key. Our objective was to develop a formative research protocol that would be comprehensive, compatible and consistent across countries yet adaptable to each country's unique culture and context.


The protocol includes 5 phases: 1) desk review; 2) data collection using multiple qualitative methods; 3) analysis using a series of matrices to reduce and triangulate data, and identify key behaviors for change; 4) household trials to test behaviors; and 5) formulation of a behavior change intervention (BCI) strategy including key behaviors and messages. Local teams in country are contributing to and implementing the protocol, and feedback will be collected on the protocol and process.


For each phase, templates are provided to ensure consistency across countries yet allow adaptation to country context. The desk review aims to situate each team in the reality and context of the project areas and inform site/sample selection. Qualitative data collection templates ensure coverage of critical topics, yet allow for country specific needs. Analysis matrices for each data collection method and triangulation across methods promote thorough immersion in the qualitative data while simultaneously moving results to identify specific motivations and behaviors for change. Household trial templates outline procedures to test specific behaviors and messages and refine them for the BCI strategy. Utility and flexibility are key concepts of the protocol.


We successfully developed a formative research protocol to use across multiple countries. Our approach promotes consistent, transparent, and rigorous data collection and analysis across countries while each country gains an in-depth understanding of their own situation to develop a tailored BCI strategy.

Funding Source:

Global Affairs Canada, World Vision Canada, Nutrition International

CoAuthors: Hilary Creed-Kanashiro – Instituto de Investigación Nutricional; Rosario Bartolini – Instituto de Investigación Nutricional; Allison Verney Sward – Nutrition International

Rebecca C. Robert

Assistant Professor
The Catholic University of America
Washington, District of Columbia