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P25-017 - Beverage Containing Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan Decreases Severity of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms: A Randomized, Controlled, Parallel Study.

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Objective: High-intensity training increases susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), resulting in reduction in training days and performance. This study examined the effect of baker's yeast beta-glucan (Wellmune®) incorporated into a food matrix (Kerry Ingredients, Inc) on URTI in marathon runners.

Methods: This double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled parallel study compared a dairy-based beverage (250 mL/day) containing 250 mg of dispersible baker's yeast beta-glucan (DISP) to a macronutrient and calorie-matched dairy beverage control (250 mL) without baker's yeast beta-glucan (CON). Healthy adults running in the 2017 Austin Marathon consumed either DISP (N=121) or CON (N=210) for the 45 days prior, day of, and 45 days after the marathon (91 days total). Subjects completed a daily online survey assessing compliance, training status, and URTI symptoms. URTI occurrence and severity were evaluated using the Jackson Index and confirmed by the study physician. The primary outcome was the average duration of URTI episodes and all statistical analysis was conducted in SAS for Windows (version 9.4).

Results: No significant differences in the average duration and number of URTI episodes was seen between DISP compared to CON. Among those that completed the study per protocol, total number of URTI days was fewer (P<0.05) for DISP compared to CON. Total severity of URTI was lower (P<0.05) for DISP compared to CON. Specifically, lower (P<0.05) severity ratings for nasal discharge and sore throat were reported for DISP compared to CON. The number of missed workout days post-event due to URTI was also significantly less (P<0.05) for DISP compared to CON.

Conclusion: Consumption of a dairy-based beverage containing dispersible baker's yeast beta-glucan decreased severity ratings for specific URTI symptoms and the number of missed days of post-marathon workout due to URTI without affecting duration and number of URTI episodes. The results suggest that consumption of foods with baker's yeast beta-glucan is a promising strategy for reducing the severity and impact of URTI on exercise.

Funding Source: Biofortis received funding from Kerry Ingredients for this study.

CoAuthors: Kathleen Kelley, MD – Biofortis Inc.; Valerie Kaden – Biofortis Inc.; DeAnn Liska, PhD – Biofortis Inc.

Eunice Mah

Senior Scientist
Biofortis Inc.
Lindenwold, New Jersey