Poster Topical Area: Dietary Bioactive Components

Location: Hall D

Poster Board Number: 296

P08-038 - Anti-obesity Effects of Mulberry Fruit Powder Extracted with High Hydrostatic Pressure and Enzyme Hydrolysis in Rats Fed High-fat Diet

Monday, Jun 11
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-obesity effect of mulberry(Morus alba L.) fruit powder extracted with high hydrostatic pressure and enzyme hydrolysis in rats fed high-fat diet.

Sprague-Dawley rats (4 weeks of age, male) were randomly divided into 4 groups and fed either a low-fat diet (LFD, 10% kcal fat), high-fat diet (HFD, 45% kcal fat), HFD + 0.5% mulberry fruit powder diet (HML) or HFD + 1.0% mulberry fruit powder diet (HMH) for 14 weeks.

Fourteen weeks of HML and HMH lowered the final body weight, body weight gain, and visceral adipose tissue mass (perirenal, mesenteric and total), compared to the HFD group (P<0.05). On the other hand, the food intake and food efficiency ratio were not affected by the HML and HMH. The levels of hepatic total lipid, triglyceride (TG) and total cholesterol (TC) were lower in the HMH group, compared to the HFD group (P<0.05). Also, the hepatic TC level in the HML group was lowered when compared to the HFD group (P<0.05). Both HML and HMH reduced the serum levels of TG, TC and LDL-cholesterol, and atherogenic index (AI), compared to the HFD group (P<0.05). In addition, the mRNA expression of adipogenic genes such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ (Ppar-γ), sterol regulatory element-binding transcription factor-1c (Srebp-1c), and fatty acid-binding protein 4 (Fabp4) was down-regulated in the epididymal adipose tissue of rats in the HML and HMH group, compared to the HFD group (P<0.05).

These results indicate that mulberry fruit powder extracted with high hydrostatic pressure and enzyme hydrolysis would have beneficial effects on high-fat diet induced obesity possibly through inhibition of mRNA expression of genes related to adipogenesis.

CoAuthors: Mak-Soon Lee – Ewha Womans University; Hyunmi Ko – Ewha Womans University; Eunyoung Lee – Ewha Womans University; Soojin Lee – Ewha Womans University; Chaemin Kim – Ewha Womans University; Yangha Kim – Ewha Womans University

Sunyoon Jung

Ewha Womans University
Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Republic of Korea