Poster Topical Area: Nutrition Education and Behavioral Sciences

Location: Auditorium

Poster Board Number: 194

P18-026 - Behavior, Knowledge, and Attitude Changes in Youth Participating in the 4th H for Health Challenge Curriculum

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Objective: To assess how the implementation of the 4th H for Health Challenge curriculum, developed by the Healthy Kids Out of School initiative of ChildObesity180, affects knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors relating to fruit and vegetable intake, water intake, and physical activity in 4th and 5th graders participating in after-school programs.

This study was a pre-test, post-test experimental design with an intervention and control group. A survey was constructed based on the objectives of the 4th H for Health Challenge curriculum. The survey instrument, consisting of 13 questions assessing attitudes, knowledge, and behavior, was administered pre- and post-intervention to both intervention and control groups. The intervention group completed six, 1-hour lessons as part of the 4th H for Health Challenge curriculum in the after-school environment. The main outcome measures in this study were changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors relating to fruit and vegetable intake, water intake, and physical activity. Survey answers were tabulated with frequency distribution. Chi-square test was used to analyze the differences in responses pre- and post-survey in the intervention and control group and to assess differences between the two groups. Changes in attitude, behavior, and knowledge scales pre- and post-survey were calculated with independent and dependent t-tests. Significance was set at p < 0.05 for all statistical analysis.

Mean age for both the intervention group (n=33, 63.6% 4th graders, 36.4% 5th graders) and the control group (n=34, 73.5% 4th graders, 26.5% 5th graders) was 9.6 years. The intervention group showed a significant improvement in knowledge of minutes of physical activity needed per day (p=0.02). The intervention group also had positive changes in their attitudes towards choosing fruits and vegetables (p=.009) and water intake (p=.000). Behaviors improved with regard to choosing water over sugary beverages (p=.000). In comparison, the control group showed significant decline in their attitude and behavior towards water (p=.004) and consumption of vegetables (p=.036).

The 4th H for Health Challenge curriculum was effective in improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in a sample of 4th and 5th grade students in the after-school environment.

Funding Source: None

CoAuthors: Mona Therrien , DCN, RD, LD – University of Maine ; Kathryn Yerxa , MS, RD – University of Maine ; Alyssa Koomas , MS, MPH, RD – Tufts Univerisity School of Medicine

Brianna N. Fortin

Dietetic Intern
University of Maine
Windham, Maine