Poster Topical Area: Community and Public Health Nutrition

Location: Auditorium

Poster Board Number: 63

P06-042 - Barriers to implementing a healthier catering initiative in independent Fast Food Outlets in a London borough

Monday, Jun 11
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Research Project Barriers to implementing a healthier catering initiative in independent Fast Food Outlets in a London borough

Background: There is a tentative link between Fast Food Outlets (FFOs), and obesity, 27% of adults in England are obese. Initiatives to support FFOs in changing their provision are being recommended in national and local policies in the UK. The scheme had not been successful in this borough previously. Therefore, it would be useful to know the barriers that prevent them in engaging in this kind of work and what would help support the FFOs. 

Aim: to explore   the perceptions of owners of FFO in regards to the provision of healthier food in their outlets and gain a better understanding of the process required to implement a health promotion initiative at the local council level.

Objectives: 1. To determine the barriers facing FFO owners in offering healthy eating options

Objective 2. To identify factors influencing FFO that have made positive changes

Objective 3: To consider lessons learned and feed into borough planning cycle

Methods: a Cross-sectional study based on qualitative methodology was used in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the factors that influence FFOs making changes to their food provision. Individual semi-structured interviews with nine FFOs, these FFOs were selected with purposive sampling and data was collected from three key informants including two Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and one Public Health professional.

Results: There were issues around trust or pride, customer satisfaction, responsibility, food safety and nutritional knowledge. From the EHOs issues around responsibility, the design of the scheme and practical barriers such as time and cost.

Discussion: For EHOs and Public Health, to consider the barriers faced by FFOs: and potentially apply the solutions that are discussed in the study such as peer support, cross-subsidisation and trialling healthier products. Future work could involve working with consumers.

Keywords: fast food, healthier catering initiative, obesity, public health, intervention, qualitative, takeaway



Author: Miss Sarah Gashier BSc MSc (Anutr)

Supervisor: Jessica Swann and Regina Keith

Department of Life Sciences

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Westminster

115 New Cavendish Street

London, W1W 6UW

Sarah Gashier

Health Improvement Officer
London Borough of Barnet
London, England, United Kingdom