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P18-019 - Effects of an evidence-informed blog on Vegetables and Fruits and Milk and Alternatives intakes among mothers: a randomized controlled trial

Sunday, Jun 10
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Objective: The study aimed to evaluate the effects of an evidence-informed blog on Vegetables and Fruits (VF) and Milk and Alternatives (MA) intakes of mothers.

In a parallel, randomized, controlled trial, we recruited in Quebec City, Canada, mothers aged 18 years or older, who consumed < 7 servings/day of VF (560 g), and/or < 2 servings/day of MA, and had at least one child aged between 2 and 12 years old. Mothers were randomly assigned to receive a 6-month intervention delivered through a blog written by a registered dietitian who provided weekly postings promoting healthy eating (BLOG group) or no exposure to the blog (control group). Dietary variables were measured using three automated, self-administered, Web-based 24-hour dietary recalls completed at baseline and at 6 months. Differences between groups were assessed with mixed linear models for repeated measures. Linear regression analyses were conducted to explore the associations between blog use (total number of logins and posting of comments) and changes in VF and MA intakes.

Of the 84 mothers randomized to the study (mean age=37.6±6.7 years, mean baseline VF intake=4.8±4.6 servings/day; mean baseline MA intake=2.2±2.1 servings/day), a total of 62 (73.8%) completed the intervention (BLOG group: n=29; control group: n=33). At 6 months, a non-significant increase in VF intakes was observed in both groups (time and group by time interaction effects; p = 0.370 and 0.923). Although the BLOG group increased their consumption of MA and the control group decreased their intakes compared to baseline, no significant difference in response was observed between the groups (group by time interaction effect; p = 0. 271). Mothers visited the blog on average once a week and submitted an average of 5.5±7.2 comments. At 6 months, changes in VF and MA maternal intakes were not predicted by the number of logins (p = 0.091 and 0.452) or posted comments to the blog (p = 0.557 and 0.744).

The exposition to an evidence-informed healthy eating blog had neutral effects on VF or MA intakes of mothers. Blog usage was not predictive of increased intakes in those food groups.

Funding Source:

The presented work had financial support from the Danone Institute of Canada which was not involved in the course of the research project and the writing of the abstract.

CoAuthors: Simone Lemieux, PhD – Laval University; Annie Lapointe, PhD – Laval University; Véronique Provencher, PhD – Laval University; Julie Robitaille, PhD – Laval University; Sophie Desroches, PhD – Laval University

Audrée-Anne Dumas

Laval University
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada