Category: Research & Evaluation

49 - Perceptions of Intelligence and Giftedness: Educators’ Mindsets

Friday, Nov 16
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

We examined changes in educators’ mindsets toward intelligence and giftedness within a sample of educators who participated in training about how to recognize and foster gifted behaviors (rather than identifying “gifted children” themselves). Session attendees learn about our findings, the importance of assessing mindsets about giftedness and intelligence separately, and some of the challenges associated with assessing educator mindsets.


Kate E. Snyder

Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, Measurement, and Evaluation
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Kate E. Snyder is an assistant professor of Educational Psychology, Measurement, & Evaluation in the Department of Counseling & Human Development in the College of Education & Human Development at the University of Louisville. Her research interests include understanding the role of achievement motivation in the development of academic underachievement, particularly among gifted students.

Brittany F. Crawford

Doctoral student
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Jill Adelson

Research Scientist
Duke TIP
Durham, North Carolina

La'Tonya Frazier-Goatley

Assistant Principal, W.E.B. DuBois Academy
Jefferson County Public Schools
Louisville, Kentucky

LaTonya Frazier-Goatley is an assistant principal at the W.E.B. DuBois Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. She was the past Gifted and Talented Coordiantor for Jefferson County Public Schools. Ms. Frazier-Goatley has taught several Gifted and Talented as an adjunct professor at the University of Louisville. As a school leader, Ms. Frazier-Goatley works diligently to close the Excellence Gap by looking for talents and gifts in all students.