Category: Curriculum Studies

59 - Supporting Diverse Student Talents: Benefits of Arts-Integrated Curriculum

Friday, Nov 16
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

What are the benefits of an integrated curriculum, particularly when it combines the arts, including music, visual arts, theater, and dance/movement? In this session, we discuss how this type of integrated curriculum was designed and operated in the whole-school unit. Additional discussion is focused on its effectiveness as perceived by parents, students, and teachers in the school.


Hyeseong Lee

Doctoral Student
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana

Hyeseong Lee is a doctoral student in Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies with Dr. Marcia Gentry as her advisor. She is a graduate assistant at GERI, and works as a coordinator of Super Saturday and Super Summer camp. Her research interests include topics related to young gifted learners, mentoring, talent development, and underserved population in gifted education. Prior to her doctoral study, she worked as an elementary school teacher in Seoul, Korea, and also had experience with preschoolers in Michigan. Her prior education includes a Master's degree in gifted education at Teachers College, Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in elementary education in Seoul National University of Education.

Amber Varricchio

Gifted Coordinator - Saddle Campus
Doral Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada

Amber Varricchio is a Gifted and Talented Education specialist who has been teaching for over twenty years in both private and public education settings. She works at Doral Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Doral Academy is a unique charter school that emphasizes arts integration to help students become confident decision makers, creative thinkers and successful scholars throughout life. Amber received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy as well as a master’s degree in teaching. She holds an additional endorsement in gifted and talented education. She is currently working on developing teaching strategies that involve integrating dance, theater, visual art, and music into lessons for gifted and talented students.