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7 - Building Critical and Creative Thinking Skills Gifted Children Need with the Arts They Love

Friday, Nov 16
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

How can I better help gifted children gain critical and creative thinking skills? Exposing gifted learners to practices from the arts—such as composition or aesthetic percipience—assists children to understand how and why creators make the decisions they do, and whether they agree. This session provides instructional strategies, curricular materials, and other ideas for teachers and parents with gifted learners.


Stephen T. Schroth

Professor of Early Childhood Education
Towson University
Towson, Maryland

Stephen T. Schroth is a Professor of Early Childhood Education and Graduate Programs Director at Towson University. Dr. Schroth served as a teacher, literacy coach advisor, and coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District for almost a decade, and has taught in higher education for nearly 20 years. The author of multiple books, curriculum units, articles, and other publications, his research interests include practitioner conceptions of giftedness, arts and creativity, and teacher education.

Jason Helfer

Deputy Superintendent of Education
Illinois State Board of Education
Springfield, Illinois