Track 6 - Addressing the Social Determinates of Health Through Partnerships

Sharing Session - 60 Minutes

C11 - Measuring What Matters, Innovation for Every Community

Wednesday, July 11
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Location: Riverview 2

Innovation and Appalachia are two words that aren't often associated with one another. Although technology and connectivity have traditionally lagged in public health, the recent development of the Garrett County Planning Tool (, our digital community planning experience, has empowered thousands of historically unrepresented individuals to participate in community planning like never before. The planning tool is an innovative way to not only reduce health inequities but connect all sectors of the community through online informative discussions. We’re measuring and analyzing those community discussions through the tool, all the while building capacity, excitement, connections and buy-in toward the end goal of working better together to improve targeted population health outcomes. The overwhelming success of this tool has inspired a vision for a Universal Community Planning Tool (UCPT), based on our existing planning model. The implications of building and deploying a GPL, open source plug-in of the planning tool could revolutionize community planning and change the way we approach certain aspects of population health outcomes. Utilizing a platform where everyone's voice can be heard is essential in understanding the needs, concerns, and solutions that are often layered in complexity within a community. This matters if we want to truly ensure equity in all areas of health for as many individuals as possible. Extending the opportunity to every person in a community, regardless of their position, socioeconomic status, or level of education helps to unify our collective voice and ensure that everyone is heard.


Health Informatics/Health IT, Communication/Marketing/Messaging, Social Determinants of Health

Johnathon Corbin, MDH Innovation Team Award Recipient

Public Affairs Specialist
Garrett County Health Department

As a recognized Public Health Innovator, John develops transformational applications for health equity, while working cross-functionally as both the Public Affairs Specialist and Designer of Digital Engagement Applications within the Population Health Unit of the Garrett County Health Department.

Within the first 6 months at the Garrett County Health Department, John performed massive digital service infrastructure upgrades to accommodate for approximately 15 years of technological innovations frequently utilized within private sector practice. Through this process, transformational products were developed to improve public service delivery and engage in innovative health equity practices.

Synergistic ecosystems instilled by Garrett County’s award-winning Population Health Unit enabled John and his team to develop the nation's first truly successful digital community engagement collaborative for health planning and equity advancement - This open source development has led to an organizational awakening in regards to technological innovation, and the opportunities that it presents in efforts to serve Garrett County’s most vulnerable stakeholders. In less than 2 years, the Garrett County Health Department’s Population Health Unit has cultivated a digital collaborative engaging over 20,000 stakeholders, which has drastically increased community engagement in traditionally bureaucratic processes - representing one of the largest documented advancements in health equity ever recorded.

With an onslaught of national attention and a plethora of media requests,'s incomparably successful engagement model continues to advance the world’s understanding of hyper local data, and the infinite opportunities for community improvement that exist in stakeholder empowerment.


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Shelley Argabrite, MA

Strategic Health Planner
Garrett County Health Department

Shelley Argabrite, currently serves as a Strategic Health Planner at the Garrett County Health Department. She is a driven, passionate collaborator with a master’s degree in community health who is dedicated to improving equity in health improvement. Her role facilitates efforts across sectors to maximize the use of partnerships to improve health utilizing the dynamic digital application she co-founded at Along with her dedicated team, the population health unit cultivates meaningful community engagement centered around strategies to collect hyper local data on the initiatives being implemented within her community. Recently, five communities have begun replication of the planning tool sponsored by the Public Health Center for Innovations, a division of PHAB with support by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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Fred Polce, Jr., MS

Garrett County Behavioral Health Authority/Local Management Board

Fred Polce, Jr. is the Director of the Garrett County Behavioral Health Authority and Local Management Board, working strategically to eliminate health disparities and develop a continuum of care for Garrett County's vulnerable and at-risk populations through integrated system and service delivery. His work in improving access to care and community linkages has led to incredible data discoveries in assessing needs in public health programs. In his current role, he currently serves as an adviser on numerous local boards and coalitions, working to integrate systems for a continuum of care in Garrett County. Ensuring responsive initiatives and programs through enhanced attribution, Fred's work assists the local community in developing sustainable initiatives to improve population health outcomes. His dedication to community service has positioned Fred as an inspirational leader to promote change for our county's most disadvantaged residents.


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C11 - Measuring What Matters, Innovation for Every Community


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