48 - Transforming Clinicians to Published Authors: How Librarians Lead Students in Research and Scholarly Communication

Monday, May 21
2:30 PM – 3:25 PM

Objectives: This paper examines the effects of collaborative instruction practices by librarians at two Schools of Optometry on the research and scholarly communication skills and output of students at several stages of their clinical and academic training.

Librarians at two small optometry libraries instructed first to third year Doctor of Optometry students, and vision science graduate students on research and scholarly communication skills in several formats including, stand-alone orientations, curriculum-driven workshops, and in-person, post-assignment consultations. This paper describes the development of the instruction, its uptake and the post-event surveys used to evaluate the success of the instruction.

Scholarly communication improved and the number of conference posters, presentations, and scholarly publications increased among the first to third year optometry students. Awareness and use of resources supporting scholarly communication increased by the vision science graduate students. Additionally, there was a greater understanding among faculty and staff at the schools of the benefits of collaborating with librarians for students success.

With strong initiatives through the Association of Research Libraries and Association of College and Research Libraries to promote the library-led outreach on scholarly communication, these vision science librarians represent diverse populations, interventions, and outcomes with the same purpose of improving their students’ research and writing output. Collaborations allow librarians to broaden the services they can offer students, build relationships that support student scholarship and engagement, and potentially provide a means of dissemination. This paper shows that librarians are powerful advocates who facilitate positive change in scholarly communication, increase student engagement, and lead transformation.

Keywords: optometry, clinicians, collaboration, scholarly communications, research skills, resource awareness

Dede Rios

Director of Optometric & Clinical Library Services
Rosenberg School of Optometry
San Antonio, Texas

Dede Rios, PhD, MS serves as the Director of Optometric & Clinical Library Services at the Rosenberg School of Optometry, University of the Incarnate Word, in San Antonio, Texas. She received her master of library science from the University of North Texas, and later her doctorate in education with a specialization in Leadership in Higher Education. She is certified with Noel-Levitz in enrollment management, and her research interests are in student success, scholarly communication, and staff development. Dr. Rios is a senior member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals, and a 2017-2018 NLM/AAHSL fellow in the leadership program. She is a member of city, regional, state and national library professional associations, and holds offices for many, but volunteers for them all.

Laura Bredahl

Librarian for Optometry, Vision Sciences and Biology
Witer Learning Resources Centre
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Laura is the Optometry, Vision Sciences and Biology Librarian with the Davis Centre Library Information Services and Resources Department at University of Waterloo in Waterloo Canada. Embedded within the Witer Learning Resources Centre, School of Optometry and Vision Science, she provides curriculum and research support through instruction, reference services and collection management to the Doctor of Optometry program and Vision Science graduate program. She is also highly involved with the Association of Vision Science Librarians (avsl.org) as their Webmaster and lead of the AVSL Whitelist Working Group.