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101 - Painting Away the Stress: Use of Art Workshops to Effect Stress Reduction in an Accelerated Pharmacy Program

Tuesday, May 22
2:00 PM – 2:55 PM

Objectives: The objective of the research is to assess the effect of art workshops on student self-reporting of stress in a University of the Pacific accelerated Pharmacy program. The health sciences library, in collaboration with pharmacy faculty, hosted three art workshops with the goal of positively effecting the reduction of stress levels for students creating art work following an introductory lesson.

Students were invited to participate in up to three 2-hour art classes, with each class focused on a different medium in the Rite Aid Information Commons. The classes were taught by a school of pharmacy professor and the classes were advertised through email, classroom announcements, social media announcements, and physical posters available throughout the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Students were asked to complete the self-evaluation questionnaire (STAIP-AD Test Form Y), a validated measurement to assess stress, before and after participating in the art class. The Health Sciences Librarian provided the measurement to the students and the students were informed that the School of Pharmacy professor did not have access to data until all identifying information has been removed.

Results are not complete. Once all data has been collected, it will be processed using statistical software and analyzed. Results will be made available during the poster session at MLA ’18.

Conclusions are not complete and will be given following interpretation of results. Conclusions will be made available during the poster session at MLA ’18.

Keywords: art workshops
stress testing
STAIP-AD Test Form Y

Mickel Paris

Health Sciences Librarian
Rite Aid Information Commons
Stockton, California

Mickel A. Paris, MLIS is a Health Sciences Librarian in the Rite Aid Information Commons at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. As Coordinator of Library Resources for 3-Campus Evidence-Based Practice Learning, Mickel instructs students on how to develop clinical search strategies to help them find evidence for their clinical queries. Mickel recently won a poster award working with Audiology doctoral students in information literacy training, and believes that including students in research and scholarship allows students to broaden their education. His successes at Pacific include developing a virtual library for satellite health science campuses using innovative practices and technologies, and creating an annual contest for the School of Pharmacy called “#PharmArt,” which combines pharmacy education with three-dimensional art.

Rachel KEIKO. Stark

Health Sciences Librarian
California State University, Sacramento University Library
Sacramento, California

Rachel Keiko Stark, MS, AHIP, is the Health Sciences Librarian for California State University, Sacramento. After completing her graduate degree in 2012, Rachel worked in a variety of libraries, including the Kaiser Permanente Libraries, University of the Pacific, and the Sacramento Public Libraries. She is a Spectrum Scholar and a Rising Star. Rachel's professional interests include library management, utilization of library space, gamification, and diversity in libraries. Rachel is a dedicated dog mom and is always happy to discuss geeky things and play board games.

Ed Rogan

Assistant Professor
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Stockton, California

Mary-Kate Finnegan Dopkins

Interim Health Sciences Librarian
Rite Aid Information Commons, University of the Pacific
Stockton, California

Mary-Kate Finnegan Dopkins, MLIS, is the Interim Health Sciences Librarian for the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. She is serving in her first librarianship role since earning her degree in 2017. Her interests include community outreach and library services for marginalized groups. Mary-Kate is the current Chair of the ASCLA interest group for Alzheimer's and Related Dementias (IGARD). IGARD’s aim is creating, disseminating, and implementing guidelines for library services to people with Alzheimer's and related dementias.

Cassie A. Etter

Access Services Specialist
University of the Pacific Libraries
Stockton, California

Cassie Etter is an Access Services Specialist at the University of the Pacific Libraries. She holds a B.A. in English and Religious Studies from University of the Pacific and a Master of Theological Studies degree from Regent University. Prior to joining the University of the Pacific as a full time staff member in 2013, she worked at both the health sciences and undergraduate libraries as a student assistant.