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70 - C2 Pipeline: Librarians Serving High School Students to Promote Health Literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine (STEM) Career Path Equity

Tuesday, May 22
2:00 PM – 2:55 PM

Objectives: Wayne State University health sciences, education, and business librarians worked on an instruction intervention to help Detroit high school students understand health literacy and to help navigate internet and library resources about diabetes. For the program assignments, students worked in groups to create an intervention to raise quality of life for diabetes patients- librarians supported this task.

Based on instruction during previous years for the same program, librarians revamped a diabetes education instruction session to more closely follow the tasks assigned to student groups during the week-long STEM education summer campus immersion program. Librarians with different areas of expertise collaborated to create an hour-long instruction session for several hundred students that showed them how to search CINAHL, business resources, and internet patient portals to find evidence to support various intervention ideas, as well as listen to patient voices online that expressed diabetes-related needs that could be addressed by an intervention. Both instruction and group work were incorporated into the session, and a feedback form was filled out by each student at the end of the session.

This is the fourth year librarians have provided library instruction for C2 Pipeline summer immersion students. Each year we learn more about student expectations, and how to better meet student information needs. This year we received positive feedback from students about the instruction session, and saw students actively engaged in their group work and using the resources demonstrated. Additionally, librarians developed stronger relationships with C2 Pipeline program administrators and student coaches, and even volunteer mentored a group through the week during the evening. Librarians from different subject areas strengthened working relationships and enjoyed collaborating.

Librarians at Wayne State University will continue to participate in the C2 Pipeline program, and actively seek ways to broaden and deepen our role in this important program.

Keywords: high school students, health equity, diabetes, instruction, collaboration, health literacy

Alexandra Sarkozy

Science Librarian
Purdy-Kresge Library
Detroit, Michigan