Category: Public Librarians Symposium

174 - Transforming Our Teaching: Adapting Our Instruction Program to Better Meet User Needs

Tuesday, May 22
2:00 PM – 2:55 PM

Objectives: To broadly explore and reconsider what educational services medical libraries should be offering their users.

Taking into consideration both in-person and online instruction, the project aims to identify unmet needs, implement standardized learning objectives in our classes, and create novel educational experiences for our users. The information gathering phase included a comprehensive audit of our existing online materials, taking inventory of workshops and curricular instruction, and a landscape review of peer institutions’ library-sponsored classes.

Results and conclusions to be available by the time of the conference.

Results and conclusions to be available by the time of the conference.

Keywords: instruction
user needs

Caitlin Meyer

Research & Education Librarian
Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
New Haven, Connecticut

Caitlin Meyer is a Research & Education Librarian at Yale's Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. She is a recent graduate of the MLIS program at UCLA and completed her undergraduate degree in communication studies at Vanderbilt. At Yale, Caitlin is responsible for coordinating the general education program, creating educational media, and supporting students in the School of Medicine. She is interested in instructional design and online learning.