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86 - The Role of Libraries in Community Wellness Programs

Tuesday, May 22
2:00 PM – 2:55 PM

Objectives: Employee wellness and community wellness are an important component of health literacy. A survey published in 2011 discusses the engagement of consumers in health care and touches on everything from fitness trackers to patient portals. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provided substantial funds for employers to encourage employee participation in wellness programs. Yet library involvement receives scant attention.

Coordinate with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department and the Toledo Lucas County Public LIbraries to provide information on nutrition, hydration, fitness opportunities, and healthy local eating options available to the University of Toledo Community. The target population is students, but anyone is welcome to participate. We will create a Bingo card with activities for the "target" areas and give students the opportunity to participate between March 12-16, 2018. Prizes will be donations from the community or provided by the Principal Investigator. This is the first time the library has put together something on community wellness and we are excited to see how the community responds.

We had 8 participants (4 staff, 4 students). We had equal participation from both the Main Campus and the Health Science Campus.

Everyone enjoyed the program and we are excited to do this program again in Spring 2019. We will be planning earlier and do more with social media. This program led to greater collaboration between the University of Toledo (UT) and the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, which gives UT students more opportunities to gain hands on experience in multiple different settings in the community. We are excited to build this program and continue to forge new relationships in the community and to strengthen our existing relationships.

Keywords: health literacy, employee wellness, student wellness, partnerships, academic libraries, public libraries

Margaret A. Hoogland

Clinical Medical Librarian
Mulford Health Sciences Library, The University of Toledo
Temperance, Michigan

Margaret A. Hoogland, MLS, AHIP is the Clinical Medical Librarian at the Mulford Health Science Library at the University of Toledo. In this role, she serves as the liaison to the College of Medicine and Life Sciences and she is in a tenure-track faculty position. Her research interests include usability, community wellness, and educational technology. She is keen on collaboration and seeks to encourage the effective use of technology when teaching or working with faculty, staff, and students in any capacity.

Christine Rigda

Lucy Duhon

Collection Sharing Coordinator & Scholarly Communications Librarian
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio

Lucy Duhon, MLIS, is Collection Sharing Coordinator & Scholarly Communications Librarian at The University of Toledo. In addition to her role promoting both open access research and open educational resource initiatives on her campus, she also oversees the libraries' interlibrary loan operations, and recently also began serving as coordinator of the federal depository library program at her institution. She has published research on the role of libraries in promoting consumer health information to campus communities and has participated on behalf of the UT Libraries in campus wellness outreach fairs over the years. She is currently completing a Master of Studies in Law degree with a concentration in intellectual property.