Category: Public Librarians Symposium

78 - Five Star Health Library in a Four Star Hotel

Tuesday, May 22
2:00 PM – 2:55 PM

Objectives: The authors will describe a unique consumer health library in a hotel setting that provides health information to cancer patients and their families.

This consumer health library is a partnership of 20-plus years between a cancer hospital and a hotel that is attached to the hospital’s main inpatient building. The library is one of three patient education libraries located in the hospital and utilizes the same staff and resources. The library is a self-serve model and is monitored by the hotel’s Patient Guest Relations (PGR) office. PGR staff provides front-line assistance and refers patrons with complex information requests to the two other libraries, which are staffed full-time by librarians and health education specialists. The health education specialist in charge of maintaining this library provides ongoing collection development services and teaches and facilitates classes on behalf of the library in the hotel.

The library's quantitative and qualitative usage data will be compiled and included by the time of publication.

This library partnership effectively meets the information needs of cancer patients and their families while they are guests in a unique hotel/hospital setting.

Keywords: Consumer health, cancer hospital libraries, health education specialists, hotel setting

Adela V. Justice

Senior Librarian
The Learning Center
Houston, Texas

Adela V. Justice, MSLS, AHIP has been a Senior Librarian at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's patient education library The Learning Center since 2015. Prior to that she held positions at the NNLM SCR and The Texas Medical Center Library. She also has been the part-time solo Library Manager at the Vet Tech Institute of Houston since 2007. She was awarded the Medical Library Association's Naomi C. Broering Hispanic Heritage Grant in 2017.

Sarah S. Stone

Health Education Specialist
The Learning Center
Houston, Texas