Andrew Moskowitz

Professor of Psychology
Touro College Berlin

Andrew Moskowitz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology at Touro College Berlin and President of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation. He is the lead editor of Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation (2008, Wiley Press), along with Martin Dorahy and Ingo Schäfer, the 2nd edition of which will be published late this year, and was a core member of the WHO committee to revise dissociative disorders diagnostic criteria for the ICD-11. Dr. Moskowitz has published widely on connections between trauma, dissociation and psychosis, addressing areas such as the dissociative nature of auditory hallucinations, the historical concept of schizophrenia and its relation to dissociation, and catatonia as an evolutionary-based fear reaction. Current areas of interest and research include: 1) the relevance of dissociation to refugee treatment, 2) dissociation and the ‘1st rank’ symptoms of schizophrenia, 3) grief-based hallucinations in the elderly bereaved and 4) hidden dissociative disorders in psychotic populations.


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