Monica C. Blum

Clinical Psychologist
Private Practice
Highland Park, New Jersey

Dr. Monica Blum has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families for over 25 years and has a private practice in Highland Park, NJ. Stemming from her training as a child trauma therapist and extensive work with complex and chronic trauma, Dr. Blum has created ways to use play and nonverbal/body-based techniques in her work with clients across the age spectrum. She incorporates play and humor to promote deep attunement to facilitate healing. Dr. Blum practices eclectically, blending psychodynamic/developmental, family systems, and relational approaches with right brain-focused therapies including Play and EMDR. She has been influenced by Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapies, too. Dr. Blum has developed embodied mirroring, a body-to-body, relational technique that respectfully and creatively allows the therapist-client dyad to move through therapeutic impasses. She has authored an article detailing this technique in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (2015) and conducts highly experiential, integrative, and practical workshops, teaching ways to bring embodied mirroring, nonverbal techniques, and play into one’s practice. Dr. Blum runs workshops on child sexual abuse treatment and assessment, trainings to graduate students working with trauma, and parent workshops in schools. She provides professional consultation and supervision.


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