Agnieszka Widera Wysoczanska

Assistant Professor
University of Wroclaw, Institute of Psychology, Clinical Department
Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie

Agnieszka Widera - Wysoczanska, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wroclaw (since 1987). Also in the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Zielona Gora (2014-2015), in Social Psychology Uniwersity (2008-2014) and trainer at the Institute of Trauma Psychotherapy, Development and Training (since 1987). She teaches students in the field of Psychotraumatology. She prepared her doctorate in psychology at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada in 1994.
On the basis of scientific and practice has published dozens of articles and five books. Her publications relate to issues of death; types of interpersonal trauma; mechanisms for transferring risks factors from generation to generation in a family with sexual violence; ties of parents with children and the dysfunctional relationship partners; psychosomatic symptoms after suffered trauma occurring at different times of life; psychotherapy for people suffered trauma in childhood and on the forensic investigation of victims and perpetrators of sexual violence. Book publications: (2016). Trauma treatment. Factors contributing to Efficiency. Cambridge Scholar Pub. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholar Pub (s. 258); (2011). Interpersonalna trauma. Mechanizmy i konsekwencje. Warszawa: Difin (s. 480); (2010). Interpersonal trauma and its consequences in adulthood. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholar Pub (s. 279); Mechanizmy Przemocy w rodzinie. Z pokolenia na pokolenie. Warszawa: Difin (s. 210); (2000). Rozmowy o przemijaniu. Psychologiczne badania hermeneutyczne o doświadczeniu człowieka. Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego (s. 183).
She Is appointed as a court expert ad hoc to diagnose domestic violence, especially children, parents and perpetrators of sexual violence. She has developed educational programs, and therapeutic for the diagnosis and psychotherapy of children and adult victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, especially sexual violence. Psychotherapy for victims and perpetrators of various forms of interpersonal trauma leads since 1987.


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