Andreas Laddis

Private Practice
Andreas Laddis, MD
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

I am a general psychiatrist, with some training in neurology added, but I draw my professional satisfaction mainly from psychotherapy for patients with trauma-related disorders. That began with my psychiatric training at the Sheppard-Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, USA. For many years later, I cultivated the practice of psychotherapy in state hospitals and community mental health centers.

Twenty years ago, ISSTD became my professional home, where I served two terms on the Board of Directors. Since then, collaboration with ISSTD colleagues has been the inspiration for my projects, like research, presentations and publications. I just finished five years as the Editor for Members’ Clinical Corner. I do reviews for the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. I served on the task force that wrote the Guidelines for the Treatment of Complex PTSD.

I have been primarily a clinician. In another sense, the way my mind works while I do psychotherapy, I have always been a theoretician. Whenever my engagement with a patient becomes unproductive, I test hypotheses about the patients’ mental workings, why that happened, mostly reasons latent to patients themselves. That is how I developed my conceptual insights and treatment techniques. Clinicians commonly improvise the same way, occasionally with good outcomes. Frontiers will serve sharing such lessons collegially among front line practitioners for our Society and from outside.


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