3 Hour Workshop

OMG!!! I Can’t Believe I Said (Did) That! Working with and Through Our “errors”

Sunday, March 25
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Kimball

It is the fifth email of the evening, each one just a little more desperate. This time she describes the blood trickling down her already-scarred arm. I write back – I remind her of the techniques, all the alternatives that she and I have meticulously written down, for these bad times.  She thanks me and the emails stop, or so I think. I go to bed, and the next morning there are three more emails, with more descriptions. I begin to write to tell her that I had gone to bed, didn’t get them until this morning, I am sorry, etc., when it occurs to me that I am being sucked into something that I know is an “error.” And I know that I am not the only one …

Why is it that seasoned, well-trained therapists lose their way with dissociative clients? What are the psychological mechanisms that underlie our actions? What can we do with and about them?

This master class has two sections, the first is an exploration of the psychodynamics of transference, countertransference, projective and introjective identification, enactments and “the unthought known” in the treatment of dissociative disorder clients, illustrated with case examples.  These dynamics will be discussed as methods of communicating the most primitive of experiences of multiply abused people and our “errors” will be explored as means of responding to these often-desperate pleas for understanding.

The second part of the class will be a “consultation clinic,” where students will explore their thoughts, feelings, and actions that result in their “OMG!!! I can’t believe I said (did) that,” in order to better understand and communicate with their clients.

Learning Objectives:

Su Baker

Private Practice
Private practice
Montreal, Quebec

Su Baker, MEd, licensed counsellor and psychotherapist, (private practice, Montreal, QC, Canada) has a masters degree in counselling psychology from McGill University and training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis and EMDR. She has worked in the field of trauma and dissociation for more than 30 years and teaches at conferences nationally and internationally. She was the ISSTD treasurer for 6 years, has sat on many ISSTD committees as well teaching in the Professional Training Program of the ISSTD since its inception more than 14 years ago. She is currently the Chair of the Professional Training Program as well as the course director of the Intro to Complex Trauma course, and co-director (with Joan Turkus, MD) of the Standard and Advanced Dissociation courses. She is a fellow of the ISSTD and has received other ISSTD awards. She is the co-founder (with John O’Neil) and chair of the Montreal Study Group on Trauma and Dissociation (MSGTD), which has been meeting monthly for more 26 years.


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OMG!!! I Can’t Believe I Said (Did) That! Working with and Through Our “errors”


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