Dissociation and Global Trauma: Souls Lost and Found

Sunday, March 25
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Red Lacquer

Dissociative disorders are of utmost clinical concern in our increasingly traumatizing world. But beyond the clinical, our education, socialization, military and political lives and our divorce from the natural world all evidence severe dissociation from those humanistic and social forces that should be naturally aligned. We live in an epoch in which dissociation is a major force affecting all our lives.

We will consider the ways and degrees to which individuals around the world are increasingly exposed to traumatic events of numerous kinds and how dissociative adaptations are on the rise. We will look at how “normative dissociation” is fostered in all of us by our social systems. We will compare these to the severe dissociative disorders we encounter in clinical work. We will consider what this reveals about our collective social and spiritual lives.
For solutions and hope, we will focus on integrating the psychological, communal and spiritual in treating violent trauma. We will consider dissociation vs. soul loss and chronic grief vs. despair. Psychological and spiritual fields talk about the same phenomena but their language and interpretations lead us in different directions. We will seek to understand and respond to the moral and spiritual dimensions of dissociation. We will explore how to respond to it as an inevitable manifestation of trauma offering potential psycho-spiritual revelation. And we will examine the differences and similarities between the psychological and spiritual interpretations and how to integrate them into a truly holistic understanding and practice that restores oneness to our broken selves, institutions and societies. And we will visit the spiritual gifts and opportunities that may be discovered in the depths of dissociation.

Edward Tick

Co-Founder and Director
Soldier's Heart, Inc.
Troy, New York

Ed Tick, Ph.D. is a transformational healer, psychotherapist, writer, educator and poet. Co-Founder and Director of Soldier’s Heart (www.soldiersheart.net), he has been developing holistic, spiritually and culturally based trauma healing for over forty years. Ed works internationally on the archetypal and cross-cultural healing of military, war and violent trauma, on holistic and spiritually-based healing, transformational dream work, creativity and the arts He has served as the U.S. military’s expert trainer on healing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Moral Injury for the Army, Air Force National Guard and Special Operations chaplain and behavioral health corps and wounded warrior programs. Ed is the author of six books including the groundbreaking and award-winning War and the Soul, and more than 150 professional and popular articles. His newest publications are Warrior’s Return and the audio set Restoring the Warrior’s Soul. He has been leading annual healing and reconciliation journeys to Viet Nam since 2000. Last Veterans Day he led his17th journey and in Ha Noi facilitated, for the first time in history, Vietnamese-American Veterans Day Reconciliation Ceremonies and Retreats.


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Dissociation and Global Trauma: Souls Lost and Found

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