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LGBTQ+ People's Experiences of Accessing Trauma Therapy

Sunday, March 25
10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
Location: Logan

The fields of trauma studies and LGBTQ+ issues are prolific and address similar concerns but have progressed in isolation from one another. This disconnect is problematic because LGBTQ+ people experience elevated rates of trauma.Exposure to trauma accounts for LGBTQ+ people’s higher risk of posttraumatic stress disorder.However, LGBTQ+ informed psychological services are lacking. LGBTQ+ clients have reported experiences of bias/ discrimination during therapy. Little research has studied the intersection between trauma and psychological practice with LGBTQ+ individuals. This study addresses this gap with the following questions: (1) Is there a relationship between psychological distress and attending trauma therapy? (2) What do LGBTQ+ people experience as barriers to attending trauma therapy? (3) What do LGBTQ+ people experience as helpful in trauma therapy? Participants will be LGBTQ+ adults who have experienced trauma. Participants will complete a variety of questionnaires (e.g., on posttraumatic symptoms, discrimination, accessing and attending trauma therapy). Participants who have vs. have not accessed trauma therapy will be compared on psychological symptoms/ discrimination. Prevalence of specific barriers to attending trauma therapy, and of therapist behaviours that participants experience as affirming, will be reported. Results will point towards ways that trauma therapists may improve the community’s care. 

Learning Objectives:

Leah Keating

Postdoctoral Fellow
York University
Hamilton, Ontario

Dr. Leah Keating is a clinical psychologist in supervised practice, completing her postdoctoral fellowship at York University in Toronto, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Robert Muller. Her research focuses on LGBTQ+ individuals' experiences of accessing and attending psychotherapy for psychological trauma. She completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University. She also works in private practice.


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LGBTQ+ People's Experiences of Accessing Trauma Therapy


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