ICS/Critical Infrastructure

3113 - Current and Next Generation of Cyber Physical System Cybersecurity (ICS/SCADA/IIoT)

Wednesday, October 10
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Location: Floor 2: Galerie 1

Internet connected cyber-physical automation is increasingly used at your home for thermostats, lighting and your appliances. Industrial automation has been performing cyber-physical automation for decades within critical infrastructures such as electricity, pipeline, transportation, building automation and defense. Publicly documented cyber attacks have occured against pipeline systems, uranium enrichment, steel production and electric grids. This presentation will discuss the technology challenges and policy decisions that need to be addessed by owners and operators, vendors and government. The presenter will perform a live example of the attack surface and will also discuss how Cybati is working with professionals and academic institutions to address the challenge.


Learning Objectives:

Matthew Luallen, MS

Executive Inventor

Matthew Luallen is the executive inventor at CYBATI, a critical infrastructure and control system cybersecurity education company supporting professionals, universities and high schools with hands-on models, software and curriculum. He has provided hands-on cybersecurity consulting and education within critical infrastructure for more than 20 years. During this time he has owned and sold three companies, developed and educated upon cybersecurity products and technical assessment methodologies, maintained CISSP and CCIE status for 18 years. Matthew's passion is education and to expand knowledge through building, breaking, securing and making.


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3113 - Current and Next Generation of Cyber Physical System Cybersecurity (ICS/SCADA/IIoT)





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