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Making Babies: When “Off the shelf” does not exist.

Tuesday, May 15
09:45 - 10:45
Location: The Gate, Atrium Level

Context: : Simulation mannequins and phantoms have proven immense value in preparedness education for many industries. The medical field alone has required a variety of case-specific trainers in their simulation scenarios. As a result, the use of simulation has seen exponential growth and with that, the offerings in tactile simulators. In the pediatric world, however, there remains a limited offering for age-appropriate mannequins. This is especially true of surgical trainers.
Dr. Biren Modi and Dr. Jill Zalieckas partnered with SIMPed’s™ Simulator Program to design a platform for Endoscopic procedures on neonatal infants in the General Surgery department at Boston Children’s Hospital. The request to develop the trainer originally stemmed from a desire to practice an Endoscopic Duodenal Atresia (Double Bubble) repair.

Description: : CT imaging was used as a scale benchmark for the correct size of the trainer. Suitable models were then segmented from the DICOM image set to produce a ribcage/liver and lung models. While the CT data gave good bone surfaces, the soft tissue was a challenge to obtain. From there, the surrounding anatomies were 3D modeled using a digital sculpture software (ZBrush) and verified using a previsualization product, Sketchfab. Once approved, the individual organs were 3D printed for review. The 3D printed parts were then molded and cast into more robust and compliant materials suitable for surgical tooling. The components were painted to mimic real human tissue.

Observation/Evaluation: : Trainer is currently being tested.

Discussion: : The subtlety of the specific anatomy (Duodeum/Jejunum as well as stomach and surrounding organs led to the creation of a full neonatal torso with internal anatomical organs. This full featured design allowed for the consideration of additional simulation opportunities whereby the organs could be swapped out in a modular fashion.

Andrew L. Hosmer, MET

Project Manager
Boston Children's Hospital SIMPeds Simulator Program
Beverly, Massachusetts


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Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD

Director - Simulator Program
Boston Children's Hospital, MA

Chair and Executive Director, Boston Children's Hospital Simulator Program (SIMPeds)
Senior Assoc. Critical Care Medicine
Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School

A practicing pediatric intensive care unit physician, Dr. Weinstock combines >20 years in surgery, medicine, education and innovation to lead the Boston Children's Simulator Program (SIMPeds) to one of largest most integrated "return on investment" simulator enterprises world-wide. Dr. Weinstock has weaved sustainable medical simulation ecosystems into the fabric of medical centers and regional health care systems on 6 continents and is founding president of the International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS). He serves on multiple advisory boards including education, simulation, social robotics and AI, and lectures internationally including "TED" on combining simulation, human factors, 3DP and special effects -- all to prepare world-class clinicians and healthcare systems to perform at their best, as well as to reduce fear and anxiety in patients and families.


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Making Babies: When “Off the shelf” does not exist.

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