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Workshop 5: Debriefing Skills for Bedside Staff after Critical Events

Monday, May 14
13:00 - 14:30
Location: Universe 1

Course Goal or Outcome: : As healthcare professionals we are faced with emotionally challenging situations on a regular basis. This daily grind can take a toll on our emotional and psychological health. Our workshop will explain how we employed elements of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) to teach charge nurses to facilitate debriefings after critical events, a technique we have named Distress Debriefing. We will also discuss the concept of burnout syndrome as it pertains to health care professionals and how we use Distress Debriefing to bring awareness and support to bedside staff.
Our vision is that the health care team who comes together to save the patient now needs to come together to save themselves. We hope Distress Debriefing will empower healthcare professionals to discuss the reactions they are experiencing, normalize their reactions and offer additional resources as needed. By the end of our workshop, learners will walk away with tools for implementation at their particular institution.

Learning Objectives: :
By the end of the workshop learners will be able to:
1. Discuss the benefits of debriefing critical events in the clinical environment.
2. Demonstrate basic distress debriefing skills for implementation at your institution.
3. Recognize symptoms of burnout and identify your institution’s staff resources.

Intended Audience: : Experienced or novice debriefing facilitators, particularly those who work with acute care health care professionals, such as emergency medicine
or critical care, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel.

Relevance to the Conference: : This workshop offers a unique opportunity to teach all health care team members to utilize debriefing in their everyday work, particularly when critical events occur.

Workshop Timeline: : Workshop Timeline:
Introduction(5 minutes): Faculty introductions, objectives, agenda of workshop.

Background(30 minutes): Why we started, burnout survey results, implementation process, explanation of Distress Debriefing phases
Interactive Session(45 minutes): View video of debriefing technique, break into small groups with facilitators to practice using case
studies, large group debrief to share lessons learned in small groups.

Summary/Questions: 10 minutes

Suzanne M. Nelson, RN, PCNS-BC

Simulation Specialist
Children's Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota

Suzanne Nelson, RN, PCNS is a Simulation Specialist at Children's Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota.
For 15 years Suzanne built pediatric nursing knowledge through bedside work in medical-surgical and emergency department settings. During her bedside practice, Suzanne immersed herself in clinical practice and quality improvement projects and obtained her Master’s Degree as a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. The combination of clinical and educational experience allowed Suzanne to become a Simulation Specialist 3 years ago where she continues to pursue her passion for clinical education, patient safety and systems improvement.


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Kerry Appleton, RN, MAN, CCRN

Clinical Education Specialist
Children's Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kerry is a Clinical Education Specialist at Children’s Minnesota.

She received her BSN from Radford University and her MAN from Augsburg University in nursing leadership. Over the past 18 years, Kerry has worked within pediatric intensive care units providing education, practice support, bedside care, and delivering extracorporeal therapies such as ECMO and CRRT.

Kerry has obtained additional training in critical incident stress management and has spent the last three years working to provide real-time support services to staff that are experiencing critical incident stress within the hospital setting.

Outside of the hospital, Kerry is a member of the Metro CISM team. This group works to provide free debriefing sessions to first responder teams, in crisis, within the twin cities area.


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Workshop 5: Debriefing Skills for Bedside Staff after Critical Events


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