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Workshop 15: Building a simulation based national assessment : organization, role in CBME, lessons and future directions

Tuesday, May 15
13:30 - 15:00
Location: Universe 3

Course Goal or Outcome: : Overall goal and outcome of workshop: To design a sample national assessment blueprint, individual learner assessment within a team context, and to develop an evaluation strategy for this assessment activity

Simulation is an attractive adjunct for assessment of a clinician’s abilities within Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) model. Simulation augments the clinical experiences and assessment opportunities, especially for high stakes and low frequency skills. Such a skills are necessary in many specialties, especially that of Intensive Care. There have been calls in many countries to develop and implement national simulation curricula. While simulation curricula are context-dependent, and training programs build their simulation curricula depending on level of supervision, clinical load and exposure to different cases, there needs to be national assessment standards where trainees from different programs are assessed together.
Authors share their experience of building a national simulation assessment for pediatric critical care trainees.
During this workshop, authors explain the framework by which the assessment blueprint was developed. While the traditional OSCE assesses the individual in a very standardized experience, we describe our attempts to assess in a context that more resembles real-life where the individual is part of a team. Our assessment day had each resident physician stay with the same inter-professional team through the entire. We describe our assessment strategy of how an individual within a team can be assessed. We describe the validity of this type of assessment.
Authors conclude with an evaluation strategy using a retrospective pre post.

Learning Objectives: : Describe a framework for a national assessment blueprint
Demonstrate strategies of assessing an individual within a team through simulation
Create an evaluation strategy for a national simulation assessment

Intended Audience: : Educators that use simulation as an assessment strategy

Relevance to the Conference: : Authors describe a national assessment day trough simulation and aspects of this simulation day that makes this type of assessment valid in a CBME era

Workshop Timeline: : Expected timeline:
Blueprint: Mini lecture and small group exercise 30 min
Assessment of individual within a team: 30 min
Evaluation strategies: 30 min

Briseida Mema, Assistant professor, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Staff Physician
Critical Care Medicine Department
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Elaine Gilfoyle, Assistant professor

Department of Pediatrics
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Elaine Gilfoyle, MD, MMEd, FRCPC, assistant professor at the University of Calgary is a pediatric intensivist and education researcher. She has been studying teamwork during pediatric resuscitation for a number of years, including the effectiveness of teamwork training on adherence to resuscitation guidelines. She is a member of ILCOR's Education Implementation and Teams Task Force and the chair of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Canada's Critical Care Medicine Examination Board.


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Workshop 15: Building a simulation based national assessment : organization, role in CBME, lessons and future directions


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