Wetland, Stream Bank, and Shoreline Restoration

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Stream Restoration- New Challenges, Opportunities and Trends

Monday, February 12
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Location: 104A

Level of Presentation: All: Suitable for a broad audience

Creeks, devastating beetles, aggradation and drones- what better discussion is there for a Fireside Chat? Join the discussion as we provide the latest stream restoration and permitting trends and updates to add value to your restoration career and projects. Stream restoration continues to evolve as challenging issues such as climate change, drought and exotic species grow. Once politics and economics are added to the mix, many project managers are left with their heads spinning. This panel of experts will discuss local projects (within one hour of Long Beach, CA) and creative solutions that can be applied in different regions facing similar challenges. Moreover, these issues are in the news today as they represent "real time" challenges that attendees may be dealing with already.

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Target Audience: Academic,Consultant,Contractor,Developer/Builder,Engineer,Government Agency,Manufacturer,Stream/Wetland

Richard Beck

Vice President
Michael Baker International

Richard Beck, CPESC, PWS, CEP, has extensive experience in the regulatory, environmental and ecosystem restoration disciplines. Mr. Beck leads Michael Baker’s West Region Ecosystem Services discipline, which provides professional restoration and regulatory services such as planning, implementation, maintenance and monitoring. Mr. Beck excels in the restoration of riparian ecosystems, both as standalone projects and mitigation for jurisdictional impacts. As a Statewide Instructor and Trained Practitioner of the California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM), Mr. Beck assesses the value of resources on project sites, which helps clients conduct cost/benefit analyses and develop win/win approaches.

Mr. Beck also successfully leads federal, state, local, and private-sector clients through the state and federal regulations such as the Clean Water Act. Mr. Beck, a Professional Wetland Scientist, has conducted hundreds of jurisdictional delineations from coastal areas to the mountains and in the deserts. Overall, Mr. Beck’s years of successful negotiations has led to trusted relationships with regulatory staff and local stakeholders at all levels.

As Past-President of the Society of Wetland Scientists -Western Chapter (CA, NV, AZ, HI), Mr. Beck actively educates members on wetland science and trends. Mr. Beck has served on the Chapter’s Executive/Special Topics Committee Member as well as the Editorial Board for the Society’s International Wetland Practice Magazine.

Sharing stories, giving back and helping mentor students is a passion. Mr. Beck serves as an advisor and guest presenter at various southern California colleges. Topics presented range from the importance of building stakeholder consensus to proactive adaptive maintenance and management to shoreline protection. In 2008, Mr. Beck co-authored Watershed Management: Integrating People, Land and Water, a resource manual to the watershed approach for various projects. Additional publications in Stormwater Solutions Magazine and restoration newsletters have focused on creative solutions to everyday challenges.


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Anisha A. Malik

Restoration Ecologist
Michael Baker International

Anisha Malik, SITES AP, is a restoration ecologist at Michael Baker International. With a background in chemistry, Ms. Malik brings a unique analytical skill set to her projects. Her experience includes restoration projects for wetlands, riparian systems, and coastal sage scrub habitats, as well as a wide variety of mitigation projects required for jurisdictional impacts.

Ms. Malik identifies mitigation site opportunities and designs site plans that will provide beneficial results for stakeholders involved as well as the local watershed. She is responsible for baseline studies, including conducting jurisdictional delineations, vegetation mapping, and California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) analysis at project sites. Ms. Malik conducts qualitative and quantitative monitoring at sites, with some activities involving water and soil sampling, tree height measuring, and invasive species prevention. With the data collected, she provides adaptive management for the projects and prepares annual reports to submit to state and federal regulatory agencies.

Public outreach for the need of ecosystem restoration is a focus for Ms. Malik, who actively works with local organizations to promote science and engineering (STEM) to the next generation of young women. In addition to youth outreach, Ms. Malik recently wrote an article for the California Society of Ecological Restoration to address one of the newer obstacles of restoration, the polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB). She is actively involved in multiple professional organizations to create a dialogue between academia and consultants.


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Jeff B. Stiles

GIS Analyst
Michael Baker International

Mr. Stiles' areas of expertise include GIS database design, ArcGIS Online, Python scripting, data visualization, UAS / Drone imaging and mobile data collection. He is experienced in GIS database management and administration for large and small scale mobile data collection efforts and is responsible for the development and implementation of automated processes to create effective solutions for complex database needs. Mr. Stiles’ technical background in GIS is coupled with a deep understanding of the user experience aspect to mapping products and data visualization tools.


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Bill Kirk

OC Parks

To be Provided


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Stream Restoration- New Challenges, Opportunities and Trends

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