Wetland, Stream Bank, and Shoreline Restoration

Technical Paper

Floodplains, Floods, and Restoration in California's Sacramento Valley

Tuesday, February 13
9:10 AM - 10:10 AM

PDH: 1

Location: 101A

Level of Presentation: All: Suitable for a broad audience

Floodplains geologically dominate the floor of the Sacramento Valley. With European settlement, floods became a major issue, which combined with mining sediments, threatened the region's population and economic growth. This has long been a struggle. In recent years, continued urbanization and the rise of concern for the environment and native ecosystems has led to great interest in modifying an expanding agricultural flood ways to also serve a growing range of environmental purposes. The talk features experiences with the Valley's Yolo Flood Bypass.

The management of floodplains for a range of ecological and water supply purposes has garnered more attention recently. Many of California's endangered aquatic species largely depend on such habitats for their survival and prosperity, but 95% of these habitats have been eliminated. There is significant potential to restore a sizable part of this habitat with the re-engineering of available flood bypasses and floodways to serve these additional objectives, and perhaps also improve flood management capacities.

Learning Objectives:

Target Audience: Architect,Engineer,Landscape,Landscape Architect,Non-Profit,Stream/Wetland

Jay Lund

University of California - Davis

Engineering degrees from University of Washington, Seattle. 30 years as a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California - Davis. Has done quite a bit of work on water problems of California and the integration of engineering, economics, operations research, and water policy and management.



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Floodplains, Floods, and Restoration in California's Sacramento Valley


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