Since 1999, Geosynthetica has delivered project stories, construction documents, news, event coverage and other practical and technical resources to the larger geotechnical engineering and construction field. We focus on the proper use and selection of geosynthetic materials in engineered projects and we publish to a large audience on this website and in numerous print publications through multiple content-sharing agreements. Our global website audience, which has surpassed 750,000 annual users, includes licensed civil engineers, regulators, contractors, installers, CQA professionals, and facility owners involved with geotechnical applications.Key subjects of regular coverage include waste management, mining, water resources, sustainability, transportation engineering, environmental protection and remediation, erosion and sediment control, specification, alternative energy, other affiliated design sectors, and geosynthetics-related construction equipment.

A 2012-launched sister site, GeosIndex (, provides open access to searchable, sortable data on geosynthetic materials. In 2016, Geosynthetica launched ( and ( to focus on Brazilian and Latin American markets.

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