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2018 HPC National Conference Session

Too Tight! Edge of the Cliff Ventilation

Thursday, April 26
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Salon A (5th Floor)

“Can a house be too tight?” Yes is the answer to two parts of this question. There is a long term and a short term consideration regarding the tightness of the house. The long term issues are the health of the occupants and the durability of the structure. The parameters of the long term issues are guided by ASHRAE 62.2. The short term consideration is the operation of atmospherically vented appliances which is guided by the BPI 1100 and 1200 Standards. These two issues are interwoven and if performed incorrectly can result in dramatically negative outcomes.
This 90 minute session relates these issues to forensic analysis of a home where a death from CO occurred. The home was weatherized. Did they make it too tight? Could this result have been avoided? This analysis clearly points to the critical nature of careful execution of following the prescribed protocols.

Learning Objectives:

Paul H. Raymer

Chief Investigator
Heyoka Solutions, LLC

Paul H. Raymer has been working with building science for more than forty years. He has taught building science courses to diverse audiences from home inspectors and weatherization specialists to architects and engineers. He is a Senior Technical Specialist with ICF and the Chief Investigator for Heyoka Solutions. He is the author of the Residential Ventilation Handbook V2 (Salty Air Publishing, 2017), Recalculating Truth (a novel) (Salty Air Publishing, 2014), Residential QCI Handbook (Salty Air Publishing, 2015), Death at the Edge of the Diamond (a novel) (Salty Air Publishing, 2020) and has published articles in “Northeast Sun”, “Smart Home Owner”, and “Home Energy”. He is BPI Envelope, Building Analyst, Heating Professional, AC/Heat Pump, IDL, and Healthy Home Evaluator certified and a certified HERS Rater. He is an IREC assessor, IREC Certified Master Trainer and he is a full member of ASHRAE (a 15 year voting member of the 62.2 SSPC).


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Too Tight! Edge of the Cliff Ventilation

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