Kenneth Lance Gould, MD

Professor of Medicine - Cardiology
University of Texas Med Sch at Houston
University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Dr. Gould pioneered first discovery, reporting & developement of the following fundamental current concepts in cardiology:
• Coronary Flow Reserve for quantifying physiologic severity of coronary artery stenosis 1974.
• Pharmacologic vasodilator stress myocardial perfusion imaging 1978.
• Coronary stenosis fluid dynamic equations relating pressure gradient & coronary blood flow 1978.
• Positron emission tomography (P.E.T.) for physiologic severity of coronary stenosis 1978.
• Intracoronary thrombolysis in acute MI associated with improved LV function 1981.
• Clinical Positron Emission Tomography as primary guide to manage CAD & revascularization 1988.
• Fractional flow Reserve by invasive pressure wire for physiologic stenosis severity to guide PCI 1993.
• Improved myocardial perfusion by P.E.T. after intense lifestyle & pharmacologic treatment of CAD 2003.
• Threshold of CFR & stress perfusion causing myocardial ischemia with angina and ST depression 2011.
• Coronary Flow Capacity by PET uniquely quantifying physiologic high risk CAD reduced by 54% after PCI/CABG, approved
by FDA for world wide distribution 2017.
* Ongoing research in all of above


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