Ratonia C. Runnels, PhD

Assistant Professor
Texas Woman's University
Argyle, Texas

Ratonia C. Runnels, PhD is a tenure-track assistant professor and Director of Field Education in the Texas Woman’s University social work program. Dr. Runnels is also founder of TrinityVision Consulting, author of the online devotional entitled Living with Victory!, and founder of Get Lifted!©, a peer-led inspirational support network and intervention for women living with HIV. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Runnels worked to promote healthy living and encourage positive lifestyle choices among women and girls, and served the community as an outreach worker, counselor, case manager, educator/trainer, and advocate in the fields of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention. Dr. Runnels has been a consultant for community-based, national, and governmental organizations. She has also presented at several national and international conferences and published articles and book chapters on topics ranging from spirituality among trauma survivors and mental health services for women with chronic illness to faith-based mental health programs and disproportionality in social service delivery systems. Dr. Runnels has mentored many women in the areas of leadership, advocacy, public speaking, strengthening relationships, life skills, and health maintenance, resulting in a support network of peer leaders who are change agents in their own lives as well as others. Her message is one of hope and healing that promises to inspire and revolutionize how we perceive obstacles and dis-ease. Through faith, patience, perseverance, determination, and unshakable self-worth, the realization of dreams has become her reality.


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